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Video Surveillance in Milwaukee, WI

Many cities as well as businesses are using Security Cameras and DVR recording to protect their property,their patrons, and employees from would-be vandals and intruders. Installing video surveillance cameras, or closed-circuit television (CCTV) can help Milwaukee, WI businesses tape visual data - from faces to license plates - and store the footage for viewing and access as needed.

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How Can Your Business Benefit from Video Surveillance Systems?

From large corporations to small businesses, the importance of installing security cameras remains the same. You’ve invested your time, energy, and passion into your company. Now it’s time to invest in your peace of mind. 

Stop Theft and Other Crimes

Visible security cameras can cause criminals to think twice before stealing or damaging property. Even if a theft still occurs, CCTV can provide valuable evidence to law enforcement, increasing the likelihood that a suspect will be apprehended.

Increase Workplace Safety, Improve Business Operations

Security cameras can allow you to both improve workplace safety and reveal problems with staff. Security involves more than just protecting against theft—sexual harassment, violence, and injuries due to carelessness can be deterred with the use of a security camera system.

Lower the Cost of Business Security with Wireless Surveillance Cameras

The cost of adding a CCTV security camera system with recording capabilities in your Milwaukee, WI, business - even one with wireless capabilities - is much lower than employing a professional security guard. Using security cameras on your commercial property may also help you earn insurance discounts. Not to mention, deterring crime can save you from paying for stolen or damaged property. 

Is it legal to use CCTV?

There are of course limitations to where you can record. But in general, so long as you are not recording in areas like bathrooms, shower areas, hotel rooms, bedrooms, locker rooms, or changing rooms, you are free to use surveillance cameras. It is also illegal in the US to record surveillance video or audio specifically for the purpose of malicious intent or blackmail. However, it is common and encouraged practice to survey your business.

Additional DVR Surveillance Benefits:

surveillance equipment

  • Easy access to video recording
  • Clear and crisp playback
  • Quick searching
  • Active video recording 24/7
  • Records only when motion is detected
  • Programmable “watch areas”
  • Audio recording
  • Missing items found easily
  • Offsite monitoring and review of recording
  • No tapes to change
  • Evidence easily provided to the authorities

Types of Video Surveillance Recording

Analogue Video Recording, “DVR”  - Most Common

  • Compatible with most of the cameras in use today
  • Expandable storage capabilities
  • Multiple monitoring possible
  • Remote / offsite monitoring
  • Many sizes and types to choose from

Network Video Recording, “NVR”

  • Records selective IP based cameras only
  • Video surveillance cameras may be installed on existing networks if there is enough bandwidth
  • Eliminates the need for “home run” wiring
  • Same basic features as the DVR

Hybrid Recording, “HVR”

  • Records a combination of any analogue camera and selective IP cameras
  • Same basic features as the DVR & NVR combined for the ultimate video surveillance camera solution.

Ensure Your Safety With Video Surveillance Systems

Security systems are a great way of making sure that you, your employees, and your business are safe. They provide an extra layer of protection and security for after office hours. If you need any security system services, S-O-S Electronics Corporation is the company for you. We care about you and your company’s safety, which is why we offer quality security solutions. For more information you can reach us with the information provided below.

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