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Turnstiles & Crowd Control Security Systems for Milwaukee Businesses

Incorporating the use of security turnstiles for a business or corporate office offers several key security measures:

  • ensure one-way access or passage
  • improve crowd control
  • enforce access to a secured area

Office turnstiles and turnstile gates can also be used in conjunction with a card access control system, thus monitoring employee access throughout the building. The use of turnstile access is prominent in Milwaukee settings such as stadiums, amusement parks, museums, mass transit, office lobbies, exhibits, casinos and souvenir stands. A turnstile gate gives Milwaukee, WI security personnel and employees a clear view of customers and guests, a single file access to the electronic turnstile is required.

Uses for Security Turnstile Gates

  1. A turnstile gate can be used as a counting device to keep count of the number of people entering or leaving a site or an area
  2. Turnstile access is used for a combination of counting and low-level security of entry. Mostly for stopping people at an entrance to sports and entertainment events so the tickets may be checked and collected.
  3. Security turnstiles are used for a higher level of security or at an unattended entry is required. This includes employee entrances at a plant, or into a secure area of the building.

Types of Turnstile Gates

Waist-High Turnstile Gate

Also known as a "half-height" turnstile, these turnstiles are traditionally the most popular. They are effective as a means of crowd control as well as for tracking quantity. This is the type usually found at a sports arenas and amusement parks.

Optical Turnstiles

This is usually used where people counting or where they are used with Access Cards when high throughput is needed. When used with Access Cards, if a valid card is not presented at the turnstile, an alarm will sound. These types of office turnstiles or turnstile gates are also used for Handicap access because there are no barriers.

Optical Turnstiles with Invalid Use Barrier

These turnstile gates are virtually the same as the more regularly seen Optical units, except that there is a rapidly closing barrier if no card or an invalid card is presented at the turnstile.

Full Height Turnstile

This turnstile gate unit, as the name says, is a “full height” type turnstile that you enter as if a revolving door. As you walk through, one of 3 wings closes the area behind and in front of you so that only one person may enter or exit at a time. These types of turnstile do have a safety built in to prevent someone from being trapped inside the cage area. These turnstile gates are used for unattended entrances and into higher security areas of the facility. These turnstile gates also are typically used with a Card Access to control passage.

Typical Turnstile Locations:

Office & Commercial Uses

  • Reception area
  • Visitor segregation
  • Internal security

Financial Uses

  • Banks
  • Data centers
  • Areas containing confidential information or sensitive data

Airport Security Uses

  • To separate passengers
  • Self-check-ins
  • Self-boarding

Entertainment Uses

  • Stadiums
  • Museums
  • Theme parks

Turnstile Installation

Turnstile's require a structurally sound and level surface to allow the turnstile installation and to ensure it's working sufficiently. All turnstile units will also require a variety of inputs and outputs, which are facilitated by conduits located within the floor. Full height turnstile units can be cabled from above, which makes the turnstile installation process easier with little interference with the floor.


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