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Security Solutions in Milwaukee

S–O–S Electronics offers a full range of products to provide your business with complete security solutions in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. To learn more about the business solutions we provide, please select an item from the application drop–down list above.

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We offer a wide range of integrated security solutions to fit your Milwaukee business' needs. Business owners today know that they are responsible for their employees' and on-site customers' safety. Security services can be administered on even the strictest of budgets, providing a work environment that is able to attract and retain the highest quality staff. We provide smart solutions, like access control systems, that work to make business safe and secure.


There are many ways to implement business safety services effectively and efficiently. Our job at S–O–S Electronics is to make sure that you choose the security solutions and access control systems that will keep your building safe. CCTV is a useful surveillance tool that can be used to detect who is entering a building.


Analogue video recording is an integral part of a video surveillance and access control system. These security solutions help to decrease crime and catch intruders.

Card Access System

Card-based access control systems give your business a reliable way to make sure only the right people are where they are supposed to be.

Parking Gates

These security solutions can keep undesired traffic out while maintaining a convenient flow for foot or vehicle traffic that is desired.


A turnstile can be used in conjunction with a card access control system, serving as an access control solution to keep unauthorized people out.

Radio Communications

Radio communication enables easy group communication that is necessary for trouble shooting or mobilizing an entire team of people. Two way radios save time as messages can be transmitted once to many users without the risk of miscommunication.

High Standards for Your Security

We only offer products that pass our high quality of testing standards. With every system we provide, we ensure that the work is completed thoroughly and that your team understands how to operate the system. Your security is our business and we take our customer satisfaction seriously, especially considering the potential ramifications of failing to do so. Shoddy work and incomplete installations aren't an option for us - your business, employees and property's safety is at stake.

Looking for a Security Service not listed?

If you are looking for specific security solutions that you do not see listed here, please contact us at (414) 616-7008 or (888) 214-1371 and we will work with you to meet your Milwaukee, WI business security needs.

You can rely on S–O–S Electronics to help keep your business safe. Call us today at (414) 616-7008 or (888) 214-1371