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2-Way Radio Systems in Milwaukee

Wondering if handheld or 2-way radio systems would benefit your business? Used primarily for guards and maintenance staff, 2-way radio systems, also known as walkie-talkies, can save your Milwaukee business time and money. Avoid the cost of a cell phone bill and never be worried about signal going out. 2-way radios offer multiple benefits, and our experts at S-O-S Electronics can ensure the perfect fit for your company. Call (414) 616-7008 to learn more.

Benefits of Walkie-Talkies Vs. Cell Phones

Ensure Employee Focus

The use of walkie- talkies vs. direct connect cell phones eliminates the use of personal phone calls and per minute charges. In some environments, it is necessary for intrinsically safe communications devices to be used. Certain handheld radio communication systems will meet these requirements. Cell phones, with their access to the internet and apps, are full of distracting features. Your employees can focus on the task at hand without the constant interruption of text messages and notifications.

Quicker Response With Walkie-Talkies

A 2-way radio system is faster than cell phone communication. There are no numbers to dial and no towers to connect to. Employees who carry walkie-talkies can communicate immediately with one another on a channel dedicated to their voice interactions. No worries about dropping signal or dialing the correct number, instant communication is guaranteed with a 2-way radio. This means the job gets done quicker and avoids any confusion. Some long range walkie-talkies even have ranges exceeding 20 miles.

Radio Communication Systems: Easy Collaboration

Another reason to choose a 2-way radio is the advantage of group calling and conferencing. This feature is perfect for trouble shooting or mobilizing an entire team or staff of people. Don’t hassle with a conference line, connect everyone at once on one channel.

2-way radios save you and your company time and effort as messages can be transmitted once to many users thus eliminating the miscommunication that comes from relaying messages. A group text message or email can often be delayed or not reach everyone depending on the technology they are using. This feature of the 2-way radio also increases the level of safety and improves decision making.

Radio Communication Systems: Cost Effectiveness

The cost of a 2-way radio system is more competitive than cellular plans and equipment thus making 2-way radios more efficient and economical for your business. No overage charges, data usage, monthly bill or yearly renewal fee. You also don’t find yourself stuck in multi-year contracts for service when using a walkie-talkie over a cell phone. Another important feature for many businesses who might consider using a walkie-talkie radio communication system is the fact that in general, the devices are far more durable and rugged than your average cell phone. Most cell phones these days are essentially layers of glass and even though some are “water resistant”, there are walkie-talkie options that are fully waterproof or even submersible. 

Streamlined Communications with Walkie-Talkies

2-way radio systems for business purposes can streamline the communication processes among your employees. They are an effective tool to use for customer service bringing goods and services to consumers more quickly and efficiently. Radio communication also increases the connectivity and productivity of employees. Most radios today are compact, user and budget friendly.

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