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Parking Lot Gates & Entrance Gate Security Systems

sos electronics parking lot gateParking lot gates and pedestrian entrance security systems serve many purposes. A property manager for a large apartment complex may install a parking lot gate to improve the overall safety and security of residents and their property, whereas a corporate office may install pedestrian entrance security systems to control access to certain areas of the facility. 
A few more reasons to install a parking lot barrier gate, entrance gate, or pedestrian gate:
  • You may want to install a gate to ensure the privacy of residents of a community.
  • Parking lot entry and exit control systems as well as entry gates can increase property values.
  • A parking barrier gate can protect vehicles from vandalism or theft.
  • Decreases liability of a business owner or residential building owner when they have security systems and parking gates, such as a parking garage gate.
  • Security features make a property more appealing as it makes people feel more secure.
At S-O-S Electronics, we work to ensure that both residential and commercial property owners in the Milwaukee area feel safe—that’s why we provide high-quality, reliable entrance gate security systems designed to meet any need. If you are ready for the installation of parking barrier gates or other security gates, reach out to us today. 

Our Parking Lot Entry and Exit Control Systems

S–O–S Electronics proudly provides many options to suit individual Milwaukee business needs. We specialize in integrating your parking lot security gate with remote controlled access with wireless capability, Card Access Controlled, and Closed Circuit Television/ CCTV cameras. Your parking lot security gates will be installed quickly and can be seamlessly integrated with existing security system solutions. 

Parking garages and parking lots are often targeted by thieves and criminals because of the large variety of vehicles sitting there like ducks for the taking. These areas can also be dark, and that provides cover for people who may be up to no good. With access control systems in place, you can protect vehicles, people, and other property. In addition, many businesses can be accessed through their parking lots and garages, but with parking barrier gates and other security measures, you can feel confident that your business interests are safe.

Parking Lot Gate Types

S–O–S Electronics offers two different types of parking lot gates for parking lot entry and exit control systems. Our options are tailored to your specifications and individual set up, ensuring you find the best solution for your entrance gate security system. Whether you are looking to control traffic flow or secure vehicles, our parking gate system is the right device to secure your parking lot.

Parking Gate Arms

The most popular type of parking gate features a wooden or metal parking gate arm measuring 4” wide that raises and closes across the entranceway. This type of entry system is typically used for traffic control purposes and is commonly used for entry to paid parking lots and highway toll booths. A barrier arm gate works well for paid parking lots and is a good choice for airports or as a means of controlling traffic spikes; however, this system may not be the one to choose if you are looking for vehicle access control.

Pivot Style Parking Lot Gates

For parking controls that protect an entire lot from unwanted access, you may be interested in the pivot style gate. This parking gate is better at securing entrance to a lot or parking garage because the gate covers the entire entrance and is a full gate rather than just a swing arm.

Pivot style parking lot gates and security systems feature a full parking gate that opens and closes across the parking lot entrance and can include a keypad entry, card reader, sensor system, or other gate openers. The parking security gates are up to 7’ tall and are a continuation of the fence line. This entry security system provides a much higher level of security for the inside of the fenced area and is commonly seen guarding the entrance to residential properties. We have more than 20 different styles to enhance aesthetic integration with the rest of the property.

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Solar Powered Parking Lot Gates and Pedestrian Gates

Both parking lot gates and pedestrian gates add to the area’s security, but at different levels. In cases where it is not possible to power a gate electronically, we offer a solar-powered energy gate system. Solar parking lot security gates are installable even in the most remote locations. No matter where your location is, or what your needs entail, S-O-S has the solution.


In today’s world, many are choosing solar power over traditional electricity due to the fact that it is cost-saving over the long run and considered good for the environment. If you plan on using solar power for your security gate, make sure there won’t be trees or shrubs blocking light from reaching the solar panels. Many people choose to have a battery backup power supply if possible. Our expert technicians will be able to talk you through all of your solar power options for your parking lot gate. 

Why consider a solar powered parking lot gate?

In addition to offering a power supply in remote locations, the state of Wisconsin offers tax incentives for those who use solar power, so you will save money not just on your energy bill, but through your taxes. Plus you will have the benefit of reducing your carbon footprint, as solar power is one of the most effective ways of protecting the environment through clean power.

For more information about our Milwaukee security systems & parking lot gate services, Call us today (414) 616-7008 or (888) 214-1371.

Pedestrian Gates & Entry Doors in Milwaukee

To protect your employees and your property, we offer turnstile pedestrian gates to meet the needs of corporate security and your customers alike. Our safe and reliable turnstile entry doors offer a unique layer of protection for crowd control and access control. We can help enhance the security of your business with multiple entry door options: revolving doors and portals, waist-high turnstiles, waist-high gates, waist-high optical turnstiles, tour lock gates, full-height fast moving pivot gates, full-height ADA access security gates or sliding gates. Let our experts find a security system solution for your business needs. 

Make Security a Priority

It is very common to add additional security measures and automation at the parking gates. Cameras are used to view parking lot security gates, providing information on possible vandalism or even attempts at breaches. Card Access Control is used to allow authorized employees and vehicles, like delivery trucks, unattended access through the gates. If visitors are allowed entry, most places will have an Intercom or Down Ringer Phone at the gate. With the use of the communications units, remote guards or barrier gate operators will be able to remotely open the gate to allow door entry or exit as needed.

barbed wire parking secuity gates in milwaukee wisconsin

When you are ready to secure your residential property, parking lot, parking garage, or business, we can get you the durable gate solution that matches your needs. Call us today at (414) 616-7008 or (888) 214- 1371 for assistance with your parking security gates or pedestrian gate selection in Milwaukee. We are prepared to offer you a free estimate on the gate or security system you are looking for.