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Circuit Board Manufacturing in Milwaukee


SOSG1 Circuitry is the global security division of SOS Electronics. We construct circuit boards and wiring harnesses for small businesses as well as large companies. Our expert circuit board manufacturing team builds custom electronics, components, and assemblies. We also provide complete assembly for all the parts, including soldering, wiring, and the assembly of the final product.

We have worked with various well-known companies, such as Leapfrog, to build electronic circuitry for innovative products. We advise customers on potential design problems and recommend changes, ensuring that the final product is as productive and efficient as possible.

Manufacturing Security

We also provide electronic systems designed to support security in the manufacturing process. We design and produce electronic components, devices and systems to help you manage every aspect of your business seamlessly and without headaches. We help minimize the risk of human error and intentional  misdeeds.

Security For Your Business

Are you looking for a way to maximize the security in your business? S-O-S Electronics Corporation can help you with that! We have quality security systems for businesses. Having a security system for your business is a great way to ensure that zero to limited harm comes to you, your coworkers and your company, especially during after hours. Your company is less likely to be targeted for crime if you have a security system. 

If you are looking for circuit board manufacturing or security systems for your business, call (414) 616-7008 today for more information.

Circuit Board Assembly

We build prototypes for new products before mass production and circuit board manufacturing. This is a critical step that ensures new products are designed and operate properly. We can include all intermediate processes for the production and integration for final production.
S-O-S Electronics works to make sure a are built cost-effectively. S–O–S Electronics can even assist in the production of in-store displays to sell and market the manufactured products that we help to produce.

Our specialized circuit board manufacturing division, named “SOSG1 Circuitry,” provides the following for our clients:

  • Design assistance
  • Consulting
  • Prototyping
  • Board and circuit testing
  • Layout
  • Assembly
  • Final testing
  • Packing and packaging
  • Shipping

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