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S-O-S Electronics has been the premier team of security systems consultants since1958 when we were founded in Milwaukee, WI by Robert Andreotti. In 1970, Robert passed the business to his son, Guy Andreotti. In 1972, Guy's brother, Dean, joined the company to continue the family tradition. Dean's son, Danny, and Guy's wife, Jane, have also joined the operation and continue to grow the business of providing quality security systems in Wisconsin. 

In 2008, S–O–S Electronics expanded the scope of their security system solutions operations to become a manufacturer of circuit boards.


Cutting Edge Security Solutions

As the company grows, we continue to stay on top of new trends to provide cutting-edge security systems and security solutions to all of our customers. S-O-S Electronics genuinely cares about our customers and we are committed to ensuring the safety of our clients and their businesses with our quality security technology. 


“We are fortunate enough to work with some of Wisconsin's largest corporations and have always kept our client's best interest in mind as we have grown over the years,” stated Guy Andreotti.

In 2010 S–O–S Electronics formed a family of companies and purchased the Insignia and Clarity Card Access Control Products. Today S–O–S Electronics operates within the S-O-S Global 1 Family and alongside S-O-S Global Security Products.

Security Technology That Will Benefit Your Business Best


The most important goal for our security systems consultants is installing security solutions that it will work best for each of our clients. We want the security system you purchase to be the best possible fit for the way you do business and for your unique environment. We are dedicated to helping clients get the right security system for them, rather than simply taking the sales commissions. To ensure we find the best security technology for your business, we provide consulting services.


Since 1958, our clients have known that when they do business with us we will be there for them in the long run. We provide security systems that provide security and peace of mind, and we maintain those systems. Our clients expect the best from us and they get it every time. By trusting your security system with S-O-S Electronics Corporation, you can expect the security system and security solutions you need, at the right price and in the right places. We will help you maximize security while streamlining efficiency.

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The security systems consultants at S-O-S Electronics Corporation are proud to provide our clients with an unparalleled selection of security systems. We are the affordable one-stop-shop for your security system needs with a huge selection of enhanced security solutions.

 To learn more about our security system solutions, call us today at (414) 616-7008 or (888) 214-1371.