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Call S-O-S When You Need a Door Entry Intercom System!

More and more, Milwaukee businesses are searching for streamlined security solutions that render their properties accessible to desired users, but secure from threats. The answer: a door entry intercom system.

S-O-S can connect your business with the right intercom entry door system to meet your needs. After installation, our systems can regulate traffic flow at your property and give you control of who enters your buildings.

Read more about how a door entry intercom system can benefit your business below, or call (414) 616-7008 for more information.

Choosing an Intercom Entry Door System

There are 3 types of Voice Controlled door entry systems. 

  • Traditional Intercom
  • Radio Frequency “Intercom”
  • Down Ringer Phone

Traditional Door Entry Intercom System

A door entry intercom system can range from a single point intercom system to the multi point intercom system. They are used in many cases where a telephone cannot be use. S–O–S Electronics can help you and your business implment the intercom system that is right for you and your budget. 

Downringer / Entry Intercom System

This kind of door entry intercom system is typically used for parking gates, single door entry or emergency call stations at facilities. The entry systems are used for either apartment building or for calling a specific individual from an entrance lobby in a plant. Any of these systems may be used in conjunction with Card Access, remote door release and or CCTV Systems.

Two Way Radios

An effective intercom system for communicating among employees is a Two Way Radio System. Visit our page to learn more about what two way radios can do for your business

Find the Best Door Entry Intercom System for Your Property

At S–O–S Electronics, we are your Security Integration Specialists. We will account for your needs and budget, and will provide your business with the intercom system that fulfills all of your needs. 

Call us at (414) 616-7008 or (888) 214-1371 today to explore what door entry intercom system would best serve your Milwaukee, Wisconsin business.