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Security System Consulting for Milwaukee Businesses

We are more than just another security system integrator. What makes us special? We offer complete security system consulting solutions. Our experienced team works with each client to consult on each individual project from start to finish, making sure that all our clients achieve the system they want within the budget they require.

We do far more than just integrate security systems; we provide full consulting services to ensure that you select the right system and solution for your security needs. Security cameras, access control, parking lot gates; you name it.

We want to become your partner.

Partnering with us for a security system ensures maximized efficiency and consideration for budget limitations by our expert team. We work hard to give each client and business the security system they need to run efficiently and safely. Eliminating needless redundancies (and implementing necessary ones) creates a system that has many elements working together for the benefit of security -- not separately or against itself.

Our security system consulting ensures that your property will be safe.

We're the security consulting team your business can trust.

At our Milwaukee-based business, we believe in providing the security system that our clients need, rather than trying to sell the most expensive solutions with unnecessary costs and processes. When it comes to the well-being of your business or home, you can trust us with what matters most to you. When you entrust S–O–S Electronics Corporation as your security consultant, you’ll experience the following benefits:

  • Immediate response times (crucial when protecting company assets)
  • Fully-guaranteed service for your satisfaction
  • Professional installation, ensuring that the job is done right every time
  • Custom-designed systems based on your precise needs and budget
  • Reliable security cameras, access control systems, security gates, and more
  • Many years of experience, making us the security consultant you can trust
  • All mid to high-level systems receive 24/7 service as-needed
  • One year warranties protect your investment
  • Our quality standards are strict, so you always get the best equipment available and the best service

Need some more convincing? We are happy to share stories about our satisfied customers who come back to us time and time again for all their security system needs.

Call (414) 616-7008 to schedule your security system consulting today!