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Maintain Security with Access Control Systems

Access control solutions have been revolutionized as engineers are constantly seeking new ways to improve building security. First, there were locks and keys. Later, monitored alarm systems were standard and allowed business owners to limit access by unauthorized persons to properties and secured assets. All of these systems were designed to increase security. Now, as technology has improved, access control cards are a staple for office and building security.

Card Access Control Systems: The Next Frontier in Security

Card Access Control Systems, or ID card entry systems, are the next technological frontier and the culmination of locked, limited physical access, electronic monitoring, and the flexibility of programmable advanced solutions.

What are Card Access Control Systems?

Functioning in the same way that a lock and key does, card access control systems help businesses manage who enters and exits their building. 

How Do I Know I Need a Security Access Control System? 

Are you considering implementing access control cards or updating your current system? The best way to figure out what you need is to take an overall evaluation of your organization from the administration, asset control, on-site and physical security needs, as well as system efficiency. Card Access Control Systems can also help manage energy usage, efficiency, conservation, as well as many other areas of concern.

What are the Benefits of Card Access Systems? 

Card access control eliminates human error and increases both actual and perceived security. You can use it in tandem with existing security and monitoring systems. Not only that, but it can also streamline and improve efficiency.

Eliminate Lost Or Forgotten Passwords

Lost or forgotten passwords are another enormous security concern, as risks occur when workers do not remember their own passwords. This may force workers to write their passwords down, after which they may leave them in plain view. An access control card system resolves many of these issues. Apart from unlocking a door, it is critical to have a card access control security system to protect your building or office.
Implementing this type of access control card system helps eliminate the human error involved in any security system. The door must remain shut, but barring that error, the system is completely secure. Take control of your security and make sure your Milwaukee business is protected. 

Reduce the Risk of Stolen Keys with an Access Control System

Card systems can also eliminate the potential for stolen keys. Keys can be lost and copied, increasing the risk of loss, damage, and break-ins. This leaves business owners with no choice but to purchase expensive replacement locks and keys. Card keys, on the other hand, can be restricted access immediately, meaning that loss and stolen cards run no risk of security breaches.

Key Card Access Systems Help Improve Monitoring

Key card access systems can improve monitoring by giving you the ability to store information regarding the time of entry and the card user. With traditional keys, it’s difficult to keep track of when the key is used and impossible to know who the keyholder is. With key card entry, you can monitor who has entered your building at any given time. This is especially helpful when and if criminal activity takes place. Additionally, you can monitor when and how employees and visitors enter your building with key card entry systems.

Flexible, Affordable Access Control Card Solutions

S-O-S Electronics of Milwaukee can design and install card access control security systems that manage security for an entire building, whether you employ hundreds of employees or only a few. These systems will also assist in monitoring staffing down to a single employee. You can even set the software to allow or deny someone access at a workstation.
If your business consists of multiple buildings or locations, S-O-S Electronics can design a system to handle that challenge as well.

Access control card security systems include the software to run the system, door controllers, card reader, and access cards. These card systems are not just limited to doors, however; they can be used in conjunction with turnstiles, gates, and other ingress/egress fixtures as well. These card control systems are most effective and most often used as one aspect of an integrated, monitored security system, including video surveillance, closed circuit cameras, and other devices.

One Door Stand-Alone Access Control System

This is usually a single door control where the cards are used the same way as a key. All of the cards entered into the reader will function 24/7. These systems usually do not provide any type of report.

2 – 4 Door Entry Level Systems

This type has either a 2-door or 4-door access control panel and some may also be expanded to additional doors. Most of these systems connect to a PC or laptop for programming and then are disconnected. Usually, they do allow for various access levels to program when cards are available for use.

Mid to Large Enterprise Systems

This larger scale system is probably the most common access control system. The number of doors controlled is usually a multiple of 4 and they can be expanded to handle hundreds of doors, monitor alarms, and are capable of communications via a network or the internet to remote sites just about anywhere. In the case of larger systems, it is common to have a guard staff monitoring alarm points and card transactions. These systems can even be interfaced with video camera systems and in some cases the building automation systems. Some systems can pass different types of information back and forth as needed. Depending on the system software, it may also be interfaced with the system in HR for single point enrollment.


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