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Security Systems and Access Control Solutions

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Milwaukee has been ranked as one of the most dangerous big cities in the United States, and with these escalating crime rates, it is more difficult than ever for area companies to protect the safety and security of employees and assets. Whether you need to monitor your front door or an entire facility, S-O-S Electronics Corporation can provide a security system or access control system designed for your needs. 


We are the trusted business security systems partner for many local businesses and corporations that require security camera surveillance, access control, CCTV, Parking Gates, Video Recording and all other security systems. We are regularly called upon to consult with companies regarding security needs and challenges.

Scalable Business Security Systems

Not only will we create security systems designed to meet your specific needs, but you can also be confident that your security solutions will scale with the growth of your company.

The Security Systems You Need

We understand that budgets are often tight, but you cannot afford to be without security solutions when your employees and assets are at risk. We are known for providing clients with the most economical security solutions using only pre-tested products that pass our high-quality standards. We promise:

  • Fast, immediate response times
  • Guaranteed service
  • Professional installation
  • Total system design
  • Experienced security system consulting services
  • 24/7 service on mid to high-level systems
  • Minimum 1-year warranty on all solutions
  • We only provide products that pass our high-quality standards.

With S–O–S Electronics you will get the solutions you need, at a price your budget can afford. You truly cannot afford to be without security solutions -- your employees and assets are at risk.

S-O-S Security Systems: Solutions for Your Business

S-O-S security systems are integrated and customized to be the tools your budget calls for, offering the protection your business needs. S-O-S has been providing affordable security systems solutions since 1958. Our experienced team can implement and install the following security solutions, and more:

The Importance of Access Control

Access control systems are an important factor in business security because they limit who can enter buildings and when. They also provide a record for businesses to keep track of who is coming and going. We can install access control systems that control a single door, or we can provide integrated access control systems that control hundreds of doors in whatever locations your business operates in, whether it is solely in Milwaukee, across the state, or even across the world. 

Rely On Our Surveillance Systems To Protect Your Business

When you need a quality surveillance system, S-O-S Electronics Corporation has got you covered. Our company provides a wide variety of security systems that will lower the likelihood of crimes happening to your business. Our team understands how important it is to protect your business and employees, which is why we offer security consulting services, so we can see which surveillance system will best fit your needs.
Let our security systems provide you with comfort. To discover the security systems that work for you, call our expert team today at (414) 616-7008 or (888) 214-1371.