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Since 1958 S–O–S Electronics has been providing businesses and corporations in Milwaukee WI and the surrounding areas with their business security solutions as well as sophisticated, totally integrated security camera systems, including CCTV, Card Access Control, Intercoms and Parking Gates.

With escalating crime rates, the ability of a Milwaukee WI company to protect its assets and employee's safety is an ever increasing task. Whether you need to control just one door or a complete complex, we can provide monitored and controlled passage for your Milwaukee WI facility.


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We are the trusted business security solutions partner to many local Milwaukee WI businesses and corporations that need security camera surveillance, access control, CCTV, Parking Gates, Video Recording and all other security systems. We are very often called upon to consult with a company regarding security solutions needs and challenges.

Not only will we create security systems designed to meet your specific needs, you can be confident that your security solutions will scale to allow for future expansion as your company and needs grow. We understand that budgets are often tight. You don't want to spend money you don't need to on security solutions that may not fit your needs. We are known for providing our Milwaukee WI clients with the most economical security solutions using only pre-tested products that pass our high quality standards. We won't sell and install a security system you do not need.

With S–O–S Electronics you will get the solutions you need, at a price your budget can afford. You truly cannot afford to be without secuirty solutions - your employees and assets are at risk. Trust us to get you the system you need at the right price in Milwaukee WI.

S-O-S Security Solutions

Security solutions are integrated and customized to be the security solutions your budget calls for, at the protection your business needs. S-O-S can implement and and install the following security solutions, plus many more:

Providing Affordable Security Solutions Since 1958.


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